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Shopic delivers new shopping experiences without disrupting retail operations

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The world’s smartest cart solution

Shopic’s AI-powered clip-on device turns any standard shopping cart into a smart cart. While attached, it uses computer vision to recognize when shoppers add or remove items and then allows them to skip the checkout lines.

Digitalizing the retail front-end

Shopic’s platform helps grocers extend to their physical stores the advantages of online shopping - high transparency, high personalization, and zero friction.
It consists of 3 major elements:
Smart cart solution
Promotions engine
Store analytics

The Shopic difference
Delight your shoppers, optimize your business

Transform shopping experiences

Shopic helps grocers deliver the shopping experience of the future – today: pick and go. No checkout line, no unloading of the cart in front of a cashier or a self-checkout machine, no friction.

Get closer to your customers

Our platform accompanies shoppers through their entire journey. It gives you a deep understanding of their choices and actions, and you can engage with them with highly relevant offers and promotions at precisely the right place and time.

Optimize store operations

Shopic’s smart carts constantly collect data on the state of the store sales-floor. Using advanced real-time analytics, they help grocers guarantee planogram compliance, track out-of-stock items, identify incorrect tagging and other anomalies.

Protect yourself with AI

Our machine-learning algorithms study shopper behavior in real-time, alerting when they identify suspicious activities. They secure the frictionless solution deployment and help reduce shrinkage.

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